Unitasker writing a book


Unitasker writing a book

Unitasker Wednesday

The pinging of the e-mails silenced. I am focused on nothing else but this glowing computer screen, the blinking cursor, and the words appearing in Helvetica twelve-point font. My brain is all over the place. You be the judge.

unitasker writing a book

The kids were at home with our babysitter, Michelle. Interesting, I thought to myself, as we listened to chapter 8. When Einstein was a clerk at the patent office, he did a lot of work on clocks that were synchronized at the speed of light, which led to his early ideas on relativity.

His day job was crucial.

Hi, I’m Jeff. Can I send you something? Fiction means more than just making up a story.
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I know a lot of people get a dopamine rush from steering a powerful steel machine down a road. But for me, driving holds all the allure of operating an electric can opener. My mind drifted from the road. The car drifted from the road. I snapped my attention back to the highway and jammed the steering wheel hard to the left.

Now to the right. We serpentined for a few seconds, then hit the shoulder and launched into space. We jumped a waist-high concrete median and bounced down ass-backward into oncoming traffic on the other side of the highway.

If only Julie had been wearing jean shorts. We sat for a few seconds in our rental car, the bottom ripped off, the hood crinkled.

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For reasons only weird Einsteinian physics can explain, no other cars smashed into us. I was relieved to still be breathing. Julie was crying—somewhat relieved, but mostly furious at me for losing control. The rest of the afternoon consisted of cops, rental car insurance forms, rubberneckers, and strained silence.

We were three hours late for the wedding. Julie has since banned me from all driving except in parking lots and cul-de-sacs.

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My near-death experience put an end, at least for now, to my driving career. Watching The Office, checking Facebook, and reading the Times op-eds online. My friend Andy taught me how to read-walk. He could read an entire Newsweek magazine on his walk from the subway to his apartment.

Just be sure to glance up once every paragraph or two, he told me. I recently read a quote from actress Jennifer Connelly in The Atlantic: And talk on the phone. You can get so much done.If you're new to writing, the methods offered in this book are easy to understand and implement.

It can be another useful tool for banishing the blank page. Ann also offers pricey one-on-coaching on her website, but the tools you need are already in the book.

Other aids that she talks about are easy to make on your own/5(45). Chapter One The Unitasker I’m writing this chapter with the stereo silent. The TV black. The room dark. The pinging of the e-mails silenced. I am focused on nothing else but this glowing computer screen, the blinking cursor, and the words appearing in Helvetica twelve-point timberdesignmag.comed on: July 13, Filled with humor and wisdom, My Life as an Experiment will immerse you in eye-opening situations and change the way you think about the big issues of our time—from love Released on: July 13, To mix things up, this week we’re going to have a little fun.

I’ll present the unitasker selection, and then you all write the commentary in the comments section. Next week, I’ll announce my favorite at the end of the Unitasker Wednesday post on the 16th and send a signed copy of my book — Unclutter Your Life in One Week — to that person.

Yes, people outside the U.S. can participate. The Unitasker: I was so distracted – by the internet, by my cell phone, by snacks beckoning from the kitchen – that I was four months behind deadline in writing this book.

So I became the Unitasker. His writing is witty, organized - his notes in the back of the book are as good to read as the actual stories themselves - and he's hilarious as hell.

When you are actually able to laugh out loud at a sentence, or read a paragraph to your spouse, then you know you're reading something good!/5().

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