Typography assignment

In this roundup, Print breaks down the elite group of typographers who have made lasting contributions to American type. August Heffner April 1, While hardly as provocative a question as last week, my colleague and I have been batting this around ever since we created what we thought was a simple assignment for our Typography students. Replace all photos on the front page of the newspaper with typographic illustrations. The point of this assignment is to dive into the world of editorial illustrations, while keeping the focus on typographic solutions.

Typography assignment

Does Didot feel more expensive because we are now used to seeing it on expensive products, or do expensive products use Didot because because it naturally look more expensive? Creating a composition like this is a bit like putting together a puzzle. One of the main challenges is eliminating awkward gaps and white spaces, and getting all of the type to come together in an organized and readable way that looks effortless.

You should start by picking out the most important parts of your text and setting them in a way that emphasizes them—either by size or color or boldness or typeface contrast setting something in a typeface totally different than the type around it.

Also, try to create an interesting beginning to your layout. Another common challenge that comes up in this assignment is how to handle the empty space left by ascenders and descenders when using lower case.

Typography assignment

The easy way around it is to just use all caps as the example on the left does. There is nothing really wrong with going the all cap route, but it can be nice to break it up with lowercase. There is a lot to think about with this assignment, and it is good to attack it in stages, so doing a rough layout before you start picking fonts can help Typography assignment tackle one task at a time.

Typefaces with several widths are very helpful in this kind of challenge in allowing you to fill space with shorter words or cram a longer word in a smaller area.

Some OpenType fonts have so many ligature options that they can look pretty close to hand lettering, but nothing is quite like true hand-lettering. Typography assignment assignment for this week is to draw a single word or short phrase by hand, in a way that makes it clear that it is customized.

A word with an ascender and a descender gives you some good opportunities like a y at the end of a word that can underline the word. I suggest you watch it here for inspiration: The closer you look to reference material, the stronger your base is going to be.

Pick lettering reference for a lettering style you like and have an interest in working with and choose a word or phrase that lends itself well to borrowing some of the elements from that style. You are perfectly free to totally go rogue and just take a piece of paper and start drawing with no reference, but from my experience, that usually results in some weird weight distribution and awkward letters.

Every time I do any kind of extensive hand drawn type, I either start with a very loose sketch, or I set the phrase in a few typefaces that are similar to the tone I want to achieve and I look for qualities and details in those typefaces that I might want to borrow.

We are just going to look at your first try to identify some opportunities and talk about where to go next. Also, bring in a few examples of existing type either a font or an image you found that has a style similar to what you are going for with your type. However, altering existing typography is an important part of being creative with typography.

You might want something that looks very traditional, but is distressed in a particular way, or letters that look like they are dripping, but all you can find are cliche blood-drippy halloween letters. Your assignment is to take an existing typeface and make some sort of meaningful change to it to give it a different feel.

Ideally you could think of a predetermined purpose for your transformation. How can you work with that font to get it to be what you need? You could add serifs to a sans serif or vice versa. You could take a really clean typeface and try to make it look rough.

You could just start deleting elements to see how far you can get before it becomes abstract and unrecognizable, then pull it back one degree. Have some fun with it and see where it goes. Pick a substantial word or short phrase, then make the letters needed.

Ideally, the final result will have 10 or so unique letters in it. Try not to just do something that will simply meet the demands of the assignment, aim for something that is fun and unexpected. Those are the qualities of type that end up in portfolios.

These letters can be purely decorative, driven by form alone, or they can be based on a literal theme. Take a look at the Daily Drop Cap site http: Most of the early alphabets Hische completed are pure form exercises, but the later alphabets get more playful and experimental and illustrative with letters made of imagery.


You set could be based around a decorative style, or it could be something something like making the letters out of animal, or food, or infinite other things. Please print your three letters on three separate 8. We will briefly discuss which word will lend itself best to the assignment. It could be anything…a name, a location, an adjective, whatever.Fonts & Logos: Font Analysis, Logotype Design, Typography, Type Comparison [Doyald Young] on timberdesignmag.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Font & Logos provides both an overview of typography and a technical guide for decisions about legibility, font design.

Jan 21,  · Here is the first assignment in Typography II class. Download the PDF of it: Assignment #1 PDF Remember to use only books (you can use the internet to find those books). Learn UI Design is a full-length online course on user interface and web design: color, typography, grids, design process, and more.

Includes downloadable resources, homework, and a . You'll learn the principles, materials and skills necessary to bring a design problem to a logical solution.

In your first year, you'll concentrate on developing your understanding of design fundamentals. Mar 07,  · Introduction to my Poster within Typography and my developmental work to create this and final pieces via Situ view. Board One Introduction.

Typography assignment

My development work was the main point in to creating my three poster designs all through this assignment I have carefully thought of the production of developmental work to get to the stage of production for the poster design and it has come to Acetate.

Western Michigan University Gwen Frostic School of Art Typography 2 & Visual Systems ART / Fall Presendential Election Campaign Lesson #1 First week / first lesson / wednesday You are very lucky.

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