Reflective essay on taking blood pressure

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Reflective essay on taking blood pressure

How to Write a Summary of an Article? The aim of this essay is to reflect and discuss my knowledge acquired in a simulated learning skill experience which forms part of my training as a student nurse in accordance with the Nurses and Midwifery Council NMC Nurses generally record the arterial BP which is the forced exerted blood that flows through the arteries, to establish a baseline and to determine any risk factors.

BP composes of two measurements, the systolic and diastolic pressure. The diastolic pressure is lower within the arteries and always present when the ventricles are at rest and the aortic valve is close. This essay will discuss the measuring and recording of BP of a colleague in a skills laboratory.

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Reflection on Taking Blood Pressure | Free Essays - Recommended resources Did you know? He worked with U.

During the skills practice, a colleagues BP was measured in the skills laboratory. There are two methods for recording BP direct and indirect with this session it was the indirect technique.

The manual auscultatory method measured in the arm on the brachial artery Richards, and Reflective essay on taking blood pressure, I introduced myself as a student nurse and then explained the procedure involved systematically to relieve any anxieties. The patient needs to understand the process in order to consent NMC Ensuring a relaxed and calm environment is essential, emotional and temperature variation and can affect the readings.

Hand washing is essential to reduce and prevent the spread of infections especially cross-infection Dougherty and Lister I washed and dried my hands appropriately, after which the equipments were assessed. The equipments used were aneroid sphygmomanometer which had been calibrated and working, a range of cuffs to ensure the right size for the hand, a stethoscope, detergent wipes, a pillow for the hand, a pen and my ote book for documentation.

A sphygmomanometer composes of a compression bag, an inflating bulb that is pumped to increase pressure, a manometer to read the pressure applied and is deflated by a control valve.

This colleague was sitting, BP may be taken when patients are sitting or lying down not when moving or talking to ensure accurate readings Jamieson, Whyte and McCall Primarily BP may be measured in both arms.

There may be variations in results for some people especially the elderly it is recommended that the arm with the highest readings is utilized. Seated in a comfortable position, palpated the radial and brachial pulse, and then applied the correct size of the sphygmomanometer on the arm.

Large or small cuffs may result in inaccurate readings. Next palpated the radial pulse then wrapped the cuff round the arm, inflated till the pulse was obliterated.

Placed the bladder on the artery and higher to the elbow, allowing the cuffs inferior edge 2 to 3cm over the brachial artery. This will enhance accurate reading allowing easy palpitation of the artery.

The patient should be still and quiet through the procedure. Again the brachial artery was palpated, the stethoscope placed firmly on the bare skin on the palpable pulse of the brachial artery as the bulb was used to inflate the cuff immediately for an additional 20 to 30mmHg above the earlier reading Bickley and Szilagyi This avoids too much distress as the cuff is inflated not more than20 to 30mmhg over the assumed systolic level.

The cuff is deflated at a rate of 2 to 3 mmHg per second, on hearing the first pulse, the Korotkoff sound that is the systolic BP which should be recorded from the gauge. The Korotkoff sound is constantly monitored as the cuff continues to be deflated slowly until the pulse sounds have disappeared.

Then the fifth Korotkoff sound was recorded as the diastolic BP after another 10 to 20 mmHg the cuff may be completely deflated to avoid limb compression.

Reflective essay on taking blood pressure

After the procedure is complete the patient should be informed and left comfortable; the results must be explained and documented. BP reading may vary depending on age, obesity, medications and exercise like running, jogging and jumping.

BP was performed on the brachial artery, with some patients it may be inappropriate, alternative sites may have to be considered. BP may be measured in the thigh, underneath the cuff with the stethoscope positioned above the posterior popliteal artery for patients prone with middle bladder Dougherty and Lister Due to the environment there was one aspect not done properly, which was ensuring privacy, in future practice procedures must be explained and performed in a quiet environment in a hospital the curtains must closed NMC This will provide more accurate results and also alleviate any anxiety the patients may have before or after the procedure.

Some results may need further treatments and advice, which should be discussed privately.Evidence has show that blood pressure can be 10 — 12 mmhg higher when the blood pressure is taken with the arm dangling giving a false high reading (Mallett & Dougherty ).

Using the correct size cuff is very important as using the incorrect cuff can give a false reading (Perry & Potter ). a reflective account of a learnt simulated skill blood pressure. The aim of this essay is to reflect and discuss my knowledge acquired in a simulated learning skill experience which forms part of my training as a student nurse in accordance with the Nurses and Midwifery Council (NMC ).

Blood pressure is measured for one of two reasons, firstly to determine the patients blood pressure as a baseline prior to admission and secondly to monitor fluctuations within the blood pressure.

Blood flow is defined as a volume of blood flowing from the heart through a vessel at any given time. Reflective Essay REFLECTIVE ESSAY #2 The first week of the Officer Academy was very overwhelming and frustrating.

There was a lot of information to obtain and just trying to get into the rhythm of a new environment was not easy. May 31,  · Free Essays on Gibbs Reflection Blood Pressure. Search.

Gibbs Free Energy. In thermodynamics, the Gibbs free energy Reflective Essay 3. Reflection has is an essential part of nursing practice and is paramount in development and learning within the profession (Gibbs, ).

Bengtsson () recognises that as a student nurse clinical. Blood pressure is the force of pressure that the blood exerts on the walls of the blood vessels.

Normal blood pressure is between 90/60mmHg and /90mmHg. Hypertension is high blood pressure/5(1).

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