Modern day discrimination essay

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Modern day discrimination essay

In the s, property assessors graded American cities on a four-point scale, with the worst neighborhoods coded red, giving birth to the term "redlining.

But a new analysis of mortgage data shows people of color are still routinely denied conventional mortgage loans far more often than white people. In Detroit, black loan applicants in were 1.

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In Lansing, the odds are even bleaker for black applicants, who were more than three times as likely to face denial. They found a pattern of denials for people of color in the conventional loan market.

Loan denial rates for Asian, Latino and Native American applicants in both Lansing and Detroit were either not statistically significant for one or both years, or there were not enough total applicants to make an analysis in one or both years.

Modern day discrimination essay

For instance, there were just 22 applicants who identified as Native American in the Detroit metro area and 10 in Lansing. The top three lenders to black applicants in Detroit, Quicken Loans, Bank of America and Huntington Bank, denied black applicants at a much higher rate than that average.

Terry Francisco, a communications executive with Bank of America, emphasized some aspects of the data, including an applicant's credit score, is not available to reporters and the public.

He points to Rocket Mortgage, by Quicken Loans as an example. The Detroit based company ran a Super Bowl commercial promoting preapproval in 8 minutes. But it also likely translates into a higher denial rate, he says. In Detroit, where housing values have plummeted, land contracts have been on the rise.

Since its launch about a year ago families have closed on mortgages using the program, officials said this week. What about my community? You might be wondering why other places aren't on this list — places like Grand Rapids, where we've already done a lot of reporting on inequality.

Almost across the board, white applicants were over represented in Detroit and many other Michigan counties compared to the total white population. It does not include special loans for veterans, rural development loans nor Federal Housing Administration FHA insured loans — a type of loan known for providing lower income Americans access to mortgages.

A data investigation released last summer analyzed housing maps produced by the Home Owners Loan Corporation for later use by the Federal Housing Administration. It revealed New Deal-era federal agencies rated the risk of awarding loans to homeowners based on their neighborhoods using racial bias.

Ina wall stretching from the northern boundary of Van Antwerp Park in Detroit to just south of 8 Mile Road was constructed in an effort to but a physical barrier between white and black blocks. That wall, by the way, is still there -- a physical reminder of historic redlining that perpetuates racial segregation within the state today.

Lansing also has a documented history of redlining throughout the s and 70s. For more, go to revealnews. Nisa Kahn contributed to this story.Mar 31,  · Best Answer: Racial discrimination is something that has been around forever, and would probably be an easy thing to write about, especially if you have strong views.

The LGBT community could also be a good route to go down, and that is more of a modern day problem. I think go with whatever you feel more Status: Resolved.

Free Racism America papers, essays, and research papers. Racial Discrimination Essay Sample: FREE. Today, the essay writing experts from this service provide you with a good essay sample. So, keep reading! Racial discrimination is molesting the equality principle as cited in the first article of the Universal Declaration of Human rights: “all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

Modern-Day Discrimination in America Tim Manyak 10/21/12 English!

Modern day discrimination essay

01 DISCRIMINATION IN AMERICA Although great strides have been made in the past century for awareness and avoidance of discrimination of all types, these practices remain prevalent to some extent. Jul 09,  · In the modern day, any form of prejudice and discrimination is completely unacceptable and should be eradicated.

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