Marketing plan about tan hiep phat

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Marketing plan about tan hiep phat

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Moreover, they have invested significantly in research and development. One of the important strengths of the company is that they have a strong distribution system.

The company has only one factory which cannot provide enough products to the market. In addition, the customer service of the company underperformed is another disadvantage.

The limited liability company is going to develop to Join-stock company for its benefit of such organizational structure. The weather of Vietnam creates a great opportunities for the support of tea.

Therefore, HTTP has a large number of supporters. Moreover, the development of technology fosters the communication between customers and producer more easily and inexpensively.

Although there are great opportunities, HTTP is suffering from competitive pressure. While the direct competitor — CO has dominated a large proportion of market, there are so many substitute products for consumers to choose for the same need. Furthermore, the unstable economy has made some impact on the input and purchase process.

Marketing Mix HTTP provides many kinds of green tea in the product line which satisfy different taste of target consumers. The Zero Degree Green Tea is produced by modern technology and contain healthy components such as vitamins. The product is packaged in PET bottle which is reusable. The bottle is designed with green color, so it looks fresh and eye-catching to target consumers.

They want consumers to know that the product has good quality and healthy. At the current time, Zero Degree Green Tea has been set at the market price to compete with other competitors.

Marketing plan about tan hiep phat

Promotion strategy of Zero Degree Green Tea focuses on media advertising. In addition, some sales promotion programs were implemented to attract its target market.

HTTP has built good relations with society and media in variety of social activities. HTTP has invested 50 million dollar in striation and facilities. There are two new factories have been built in Chug Alai and Ha Name to provide inventory for the market in the Middle and the North of Vietnam.

Zero Degree Green Tea is distributed intensively to the market through many intermediaries. It was established in by Dry. Nowadays, besides hundreds of foreign brands in drinking industry like Pepsi, Coca Cola, Tan Hippie Path almost converts awareness of Vietnamese about carbonated drink into healthier drink.

Scale factory broadermm, with the equipment, technological lines of research, and the most modern manufacturing Southeast Asia. Furthermore, HTTP is proud to be one of the units owned in many produce technology, the most modern lines Vietnam as sterile lines extracted Aseptic cold, fresh beer, beverages and fermented production line.

Insymbolism production with advanced technology shelling of Japan was first applied in Vietnam. Than Herbal Tea, Number 1 energy drink, soy milk Soya Number 1, and so on is the leading brand in the market, has proved HTTP always go early in accessing and understanding the ever-changing needs of consumers.

For instance, the most well-known drink, also in one of the first product Tan Hippie Path has produced, Zero decree Green Tea has taken a huge place in drinking generation. Strategic Focus and Plan Vision The vision of company is to become the leading Asian corporations in three main business sectors such as industry drinks, instant food, and plastic packaging.

This is measured by a lot of factors; firstly, the company is located in the top 10 leading company in the beverage market and food in Vietnam. Secondly, it has to achieve Total Quality Management certification and international management standard.

The final factor is internal market penetration; the company makes effort to enter brand of Zero Degree green Tea to Asian market. Mission Tan Hippie Path Group produces and does business the healthy products that are good for Asian consumers with the taste and quality of products according to international standards.

At the same time, the company has to satisfy the highest demands of customers to deserve as preferred supplier as well as a reliable partner in business. Moreover, the many sets orientation according to the highest spirit of family and becomes a trusted partner. HTTP group is striving to become responsible and respectable citizens in the society.

Competitive Advantage To compete with the giants of world-class beverages are available in Vietnam, Tan Hippie Path beverage group tried incessantly to create differences. The advantage of HTTP is flexibility, quick decision making, know how to find out the potential demand of consumers to meet and continuous improvement.

The more important thing is that HTTP group is always interested in the development of community because it plays the important role to successes of business.Nguyễn Thị Mai Trang Executive Summary This paper inform about the marketing plan for the Zero Degree Green Tea (ZDGT) product of Tan Hiep Phat (THP) - a beverage company founded in The company aim to become a leader in producing soft drink with variety of brands.

Marketing plan about Tan Hiep Phat Marketing Environment HTTP owns a modern production line and performs very well in managing quality tit international standard such as ‘SO, and others. Moreover, they have invested significantly in research and development.

Marketing Plan for Natural Green Tea - 0° Tea of Tan Hiep Phat Corporation. 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY After the great successes from Number 1, Laser and Ben Thanh beer, Tan Hiep Phat (THP) – a powerful group launched Natural Green Tea 0 (0° Tea) in , which continued marking its important advance in the beverage market.

Marketing plan about tan hiep phat

Finally, ‘Action Plan and Budget’ and ‘Control Program’ parts will illustrate specific plans to support for the marketing strategies for 0° Tea as mentioned.

2. BACKGROUND INFORMATION Tan Hiep Phat Co. Ltd (THP) is one of the biggest companies in the beverage industry of Vietnam. DUY TAN PLASTICS CORPORATION, BMG International View Thanh’s Full Profile. Summary. My latest experience is position of Marketing Executive in Hiep Phat Company. From steps of planning and executing promotion and communication programs, I have built up my - Planning: IMC planning.

Develop a comprehensive marketing and branding plan Title: Marketing Executive. Nearly 40 years later, Mr Tran’s Tan Hiep Phat Beverage Group, As a marketing campaign, the climb to the top of the world’s highest peak counts as one of the country’s most extravagant.

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