Leisure is a growing industry but

The top growth activities from for sports, fitness, exercise, and physical activity endeavors are based on 'core' or committed participants. The data has been broken down to highlight 1 the activities with the highest percentage growth and 2 the greatest growth of actual participants.

Leisure is a growing industry but

California has a diversified economy, though it is especially well-known for its technology, entertainment and agriculture industries.

California had the largest manufacturing industry in the U.

Leisure is a growing industry but

Traditional activities are relocating to cheaper areas, though demand for highly skilled and technology-intensive manufacturing processes is growing rapidly due to technology sector concentration in the state. Similar to other states, health services and retail trade are substantial contributors to employment and are largely driven by non-discretionary consumer spending, but helped make up nine industries that turbo-charged the Golden State.

The industry grew 5. This was the second-highest growth behind construction, and this strong performance is attributed to a generally improving economic environment. The largest subindustries were employment services and computer systems and design.

Leisure is a growing industry but

Management, scientific and technical consulting services rounded out the business service sector. The employment services industry grew 7. Professional and business services will generally expand and contract in line with the wider economy, though demand for these services in California is disproportionately correlated to the technology, manufacturing and entertainment industries.

Educational and Health Services Educational and health services comprise another industry that contributes substantially to California's economy. Educational and health services represented 6.

Because a significant portion of health care spending is considered non-discretionary, it is rare for demand for these services to grow or deteriorate rapidly. Nonetheless, these activities are, and were, a major component of employment and output upon which California's economy relies.

The education and health services industry employed 2, people in California inrepresenting The largest subindustries by employment were physicians' offices, general medical and surgical hospitals, and individual and family social services.

Outpatient care centers was the most rapidly expanding subcategory, growing 6.

Big Picture Trends May Show How Other Sports Or Activities Can Grow

Financial Activities The financial activities industry was a major contributor to gross state product and a significant employer. Financial activities employed 5. Output in the finance industry is frequently disproportionate to employment because such a large percentage of the industry is enterprise facing, meaning the transactions tend to be vastly larger than consumer transactions.

Real estate activities, both residential and commercial, also contributed significantly to this disparity between employment and gross product.

The industry posted modest growth during the time period, as business activity was still recovering from the financial crisis.Fitness industry in the United Kingdom (UK) - Statistics & Facts The market size of the wellness and fitness segment in the United Kingdom has been growing steadily and is estimated to reach The retail trade industry employed almost million people in , and motor vehicle parts dealers and food and beverage stores were the fastest growing subcategories.

Leisure Industry

CHAPTER ONE The Big Picture: A Large and Growing Industry.. 13 The Commonwealth’s Convention Centers: Magnets for LHT Development Behind the Scenes of the Massachusetts Leisure, Hospitality and Tourism Industry| | The Work of Leisure: Behind the Scenes of the Massachusetts Leisure.

The global outdoor leisure market is set to experience favorable growth driven by factors such as growing youth population, development of tourism industry, increasing popularity of outdoor. Listed below are the top 15 growth sports or activities in the USA in the SFIA Sports, Fitness, and Leisure Activities Topline Participation Report.

The top growth activities (from ) for sports, fitness, exercise, and physical activity endeavors are based on 'core' or committed participants.

Leisure Is a Growing Industry Essay With the advance of human civilization, there are an increasing number of people who have raised doubts about many different cultures existing in the same country together - Leisure Is a Growing Industry Essay introduction.