Journal entry 4

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Journal entry 4

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This is a discussion of the notions of Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake. These men and others are questioning the deification of Materialistic Science and Atheism.

The "laws" of science are a steel box from which we must escape to find revelation. So, free thinkers are fabricating a hybrid of spirituality and science. Is this the religion of the Antichrist? This study deals with the ways you can lead yourself astray by believing false tales, propaganda, church house assumptions, bad preaching, and rumors.

I apologize for being so long getting this article up. It has been an enormous project. The question is, are you going to stand your ground, or will Satan and his helpers cause you to stand down or go AWOL? This is heresy and is very offensive to the God of the Bible.

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This is found all through the Bible, including in the early Apostolic Era, and it is in your church now. Satan never stops trying to turn believers against one another. This study is meant to train zealous Bible believers for the unconventional or irregular opportunities to defend the local church and do Satan much harm.

Journal entry 4

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