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With the resulting recession, many governments of the wealthiest nations in the world have resorted to extensive bail-out and rescue packages for the remaining large banks and financial institutions while imposing harsh austerity measures on themselves. Some of the bail-outs have also led to charges of hypocrisy due to the apparent socializing of the costs while privatizing the profits. Furthermore, the institutions being rescued are typically the ones got the world into this trouble in the first place.

Global business reports blog

I worked there two years after graduating college between - and it definitely gave me the work experience I needed to progress in my career. Started my own business right after. Though I worked as a journalist and was interested in market research, what I enjoyed the most was the high level exposure the job in the field gives you to the most senior executives of the markets you are researching.

As a GBR employee in the field, you pretty much spend a majority of your time speaking and interviewing senior executives and politicians.

global business reports blog

Kontras From my experience, the downsides of working at GBR were different for each person. Either way, you do need to have certain character traits that will increase your chances to flourish while working at GBR. This sounds great but gets old very quickly for most people.

You will get support from management, but you have to make your own decisions, learn how to work in a team under challenging conditions.

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Spend more time screening candidates during recruitment. It will cost more upfront but save a ton of headaches and unintended costs later when people drop out because they have little to no team player skills.

global business reports blog

Otherwise invest more resources in training - people will feel appreciated and put more honest effort into their work. Everyone gets promoted after one year irrespective of performance, previous work experience, and leadership abilities.

There are better ways of incentivizing people to stay longer than a year than being promoted to director positions if they are not qualified for it.

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Poor leadership has huge long term costs. There are great project management tools that would work great at GBR and will be easier to manage teams.State Street Global Advisors installed the statue as part of its campaign to pressure companies it invests in to add more women to their boards.

C.J. Stafford & Associates speaks to GBR about the continual challenge of attracting talent to the mining industry with a focus on the future.

Global Business reports highlight emerging markets, developing countries and dynamic sectors within the global economy, providing the reader with balanced and objective assessments from an on-the-ground perspective.

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Now in its 12th edition, The Global Risks Report completes more than a decade of highlighting the most significant long-term risks worldwide, drawing on the perspectives of experts and global . Windfall: The Booming Business of Global Warming [Mckenzie Funk] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

A fascinating investigation into how people around the globe are cashing in on a warming world McKenzie Funk has spent the last six years reporting around the world on how we are preparing for a warmer planet.

Funk shows us that the best way to understand the catastrophe of. Headquartered in Singapore and with offices in Istanbul, Global Business Reports (GBR) was established in in order to provide up to date and first hand information for global business decision an age where cross boundary trade and investment and the globalization process are the driving factors for latest businesses, information .

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