Fs2 episode 5 on teaching approaches and method

The teacher encouraged the students to recite and she then provides the needed supplementation regarding the topic. Students were chosen randomly. Every answer was given a corresponding point. The teacher held an activity in which the students could apply their knowledge about the topic and skills in illustration and problem solving in front of the class.

Fs2 episode 5 on teaching approaches and method

It is good to find out the matter and the extent to which these principles are applied in the classroom. I can cite reflect on my more than one evidence per experience, write principles of learning.

My Learning Activities As I observe a class, I will use the Observation Sheet for a more focused observation then analyze and reflect on my observation with the help of guide questions. Effective learning begins with the Teacher writes her setting of clear and high intended learning expectations and learning outcomes.

Learning is an active process. Learning is the discovery of personal The teacher asks the meaning and relevance of ideas. Learning is a cooperative and As the teacher collaborative process discuss the topic, she occasionally as the learners about their experiences.

She really initiates the learners to share their experiences so that they have interaction in the class. Learning is enhanced in an Later on, the teacher atmosphere of cooperation and gave an activity in collaboration.

My Analysis The involvement of the principles in learning has a huge impact in the teaching — learning process because the teacher can provide activities that can make the class understand the lesson fast and easy.


The learners will be more engage in classroom activities and it develops not only their cognitive but also affective and psychomotor. The most applied principle in the discussion is the learning is a discovery of personal meaning and relevance of ideas.

I just really like the way the teacher ask her learners about their experiences and connecting it to the lesson because for me the lesson can be easily understand if you can relate to it and you easily connect yourself to it too with the use of your experience.

For me, I agree with the principles of learning. It also helps the learners in understanding the lesson easily and faster. It is really a great help in the teaching — learning process in a way that it makes the class more attentive and interactive in the class.

My Reflections Based on my observation, the resource teacher really adheres the different principles in learning.

Even though some of the principles are not properly shown or made happen the class is still very interactive and attentive.

Also, one of its factors is that the lesson itself is very interesting for the learners liking. You can really see in the class that they are very willing to learn and very ready to accept new information and knowledge.

Fs2 episode 5 on teaching approaches and method

She is very alive and pleasing on delivering the lesson to her learners. She may lack in the classroom management part since the learners are quite disorganized during activities but when it comes to teaching she really delivers the lesson loud and clear. I ca say that the resource teacher definitely shown what a real and true teacher she is since majority of the class understand her lesson without a doubt.MY PERFORMANCE (HOW I WILL BE RATED) Field Study 2, Episode 5 – On Teaching Approaches and Methods Focused on: Determining the teaching approach or method used by the Resource Teacher Tasks Exemplary Superior Satisfactory Unsatisfactory 4 3 2 1 Observation/ All tasks were All or nearly all Nearly all tasks Fewer than half of tasks.

Fs2 Episode 5 On Teaching Approaches And Method °°°°°°°°°°°°°°GTM grammar translation method GT appeared in the first half of the 19th century and was one of the nonscientific methods. Episode5 1. Name of FS Student Formalejo, Ana Marielle L. Course, Year & Section BSED-Eng III-1 Resource Teacher Mrs.

Sherla Pereña Signature Date Cooperating School Taguig National High School My Target In this Episode, I must be able to determine the teaching approach or method used by the Resource Teacher.

Inductive Method Advantage/s When to Use Direct teaching so I can accomplish more within a given period of time. learners don’t know much about the lesson.

Time is limited. teacher is not yet skilled in the facilitating learning skills.1/5(1). Field Study 2 Experiencing the Teaching Learning Process Episode 6. Search Search.

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Fs 2 /5(6). FS 2 Experiecing the Teaching-Learning process Analyze my observations. Step 5: Reflect on my observation Yes. Brain-based learning refers to teaching methods, lesson designs, and school programs that are based on the latest scientific research about how the brain learns, including such factors as cognitive development—how students learn.

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