Freezing point depression determination essay

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Freezing point depression determination essay

Explanation[ edit ] The freezing point is the temperature at which the liquid solvent and solid solvent are at equilibrium, so that their vapor pressures are equal. When a non-volatile solute is added to a volatile liquid solvent, the solution vapor pressure will be lower than that of the pure solvent.

As a result the solid will reach equilibrium with the solution at a lower temperature than with the pure solvent. The radiator fluid in an automobile is a mixture of water and ethylene glycol.

As a result of freezing-point depression, radiators do not freeze in winter unless it is extremely cold, e. Road salting takes advantage of this effect to lower the freezing point of the ice it is placed on. Lowering the freezing point allows the street ice to melt at lower temperatures, preventing the accumulation of dangerous, slippery ice.

Freezing point depression determination essay

If the road surface temperature is lower, NaCl becomes ineffective and other salts are used, such as calcium chloridemagnesium chloride or a mixture of many. These salts are somewhat aggressive to metals, especially iron, so in airports safer media such as sodium formatepotassium formatesodium acetatepotassium acetate are used instead.

Freezing-point depression is used by some organisms that live in extreme cold.

Freezing point depression determination essay

Such creatures have evolved means through which they can produce high concentration of various compounds such as sorbitol and glycerol. This elevated concentration of solute decreases the freezing point of the water inside them, preventing the organism from freezing solid even as the water around them freezes, or as the air around them becomes very cold.

Examples of organisms that produce antifreeze compounds include some species of arctic -living fish such as the rainbow smeltwhich produces glycerol and other molecules to survive in frozen-over estuaries during the winter months.

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In this case, the molar mass of the solute must be known. The molar mass of a solute is determined by comparing mB with the amount of solute dissolved.

In this case, i must be known, and the procedure is primarily useful for organic compounds using a nonpolar solvent. Cryoscopy is no longer as common a measurement method as it once was, but it was included in textbooks at the turn of the 20th century.

Freezing-point depression can also be used as a purity analysis tool when analysed by differential scanning calorimetry. This is also the same principle acting in the melting-point depression observed when the melting point of an impure solid mixture is measured with a melting-point apparatussince melting and freezing points both refer to the liquid—solid phase transition albeit in different directions.

In principle, the boiling-point elevation and the freezing-point depression could be used interchangeably for this purpose. However, the cryoscopic constant is larger than the ebullioscopic constantand the freezing point is often easier to measure with precision, which means measurements using the freezing-point depression are more precise.

FPD measurements are used in the dairy industry to ensure that milk has not had extra water added. Milk with a FPD of over 0. This typically occurs simply because the solute molecules do not fit well in the crystal, i.

In this case, for low solute concentrations, the freezing point depression depends solely on the concentration of solute particles, not on their individual properties. The freezing point depression thus is called a colligative property.

The resulting reduced entropy of the solute particles thus is independent of their properties. This approximation ceases to hold when the concentration becomes large enough for solute-solute interactions to become important. In that case, the freezing point depression depends on particular properties of the solute other than its concentration.

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KF, the cryoscopic constantwhich is dependent on the properties of the solvent, not the solute. When conducting experiments, a higher KF value makes it easier to observe larger drops in the freezing point. For a more accurate calculation at a higher concentration, for ionic solutes, Ge and Wang [9] [10] proposed a new equation:Determination of Molar Mass by Freezing-Point Depression When a solute is dissolved in a solvent, the freezing temperature is lowered in proportion to the number of moles of solute added.

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