Equality and diversity in the care

We are required to consider all individuals in their day to day work, in shaping policy and in providing services. This is in line with the public sector Equality Duty introduced by the Equality Act We set clear equality objectives and publish information on our efforts to achieve them.

Equality and diversity in the care

Improving quality of life for those in care Subscribe to stay up-to-date with the latest StoriiCare news and developments: Promoting Equality and Diversity in Health and Social Care Posted on June 30, by Kumba Dauda Everyone should have access to the support and care they need regardless of their circumstances.

Staff have a responsibility to promote equality and diversity across all areas of their work, providing a service that is fair, personalised and diverse. Equality and diversity are key components in the delivery of quality care services.

Good practice should mean encouraging and promoting these values wherever possible.

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Staff should ensure that through their work, service users are treated fairly and equally with dignity and respect. Equality and diversity should be an integral part of service planning.

Defining Equality and Diversity Before promoting equality and diversity within a care setting, you should understand what they mean Equality is about ensuring that all service users can access the same opportunities regardless of lifestyle, ability or background.

Diversity is about demonstrating respect for individual beliefs, values, cultures and lifestyles and appreciating difference.

Common Core Strategic Principles Leaders in the care sector have a responsibility to promote diversity and equality across each business area. This involves tailoring care and support packages to the individual requirements of the service user, recognising differences and reducing inequality.

To achieve this, providers should integrate the Common Core Strategic Principles within their work culture. Commitment to Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Values Providers should promote equality and diversity through mission statements, core values and strategic action plans.

Promoting Equality, Diversity and Human Rights in Decision Making Managers should ensure that decision making, partnership working and governance all promote equality and diversity.

They should implement policies and procedures which are applied in each business area. Advancement of Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Business activities should be planned with equality and diversity in mind so that constructive relationships are established with service users and partner agencies.

Monitoring Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Performance Management teams will take steps to monitor service provision. This will help in identifying areas for improvement and taking action as required. You should remove barriers preventing a service user from accessing what they need.

These principles provide a framework enabling providers to deliver the right support to ensure that equality and diversity are at the centre of strategic decision making. The promotion of equality and diversity within the workplace is often about the prevention of discrimination, even if this is unintentional.

Strategies for the Promotion of Equality and Diversity within Social Care Being able to promote equality and diversity in the workplace should be a key focus of every business.

Equality and diversity in the care

All employees should have a comprehensive understanding of the principles, practices and legislation.The diversity and inclusion strategy sets out our ambitions for equality and diversity between and , both in relation to staff and in providing services to the public.

Social Care. Equality and diversity reports showing how we’re meeting our equality responsibilities (at least once a year) Read our publications on DHSC equality information. Assignment - Principles of diversity, equality and inclusion in adult social care settings Task B A) The equality act is a legislation that is in place to ensure that people are given equal rights and opportunities regardless of their age, gender, disability, reace, religion or belief and sexual orientation.

In order to promote equality and diversity it is important that you understand the various pieces of legislation which relate to health and social care settings: The Equality Act – Safeguards against discrimination for people who . P1 equality,diversity and rights in health and social care level 3 a level Equality, diversity and rights in health and social care.

Equality, diversity and rights in health and social care. I will be explaining what equality, diversity and right mean in health social care I will start with the definition and then give an example for each. Promote equality and inclusion in health, social care or childrens and young peoples settings.


1 Explain what is meant by: Diversity – The differences between individuals and groups in society arising from gender, ethnic origins, social, cultural or religious back ground, familtnstructure, disabilities, sexuality and appearance.

How To: Promoting Equality & Diversity in Health & Social Care