Caribbean studies module 2

Users can write essays from this compilation and submit for correction using our contact us form. The best essay will be published on the website highlighting the strengths and weaknessesof the essay and the writer acknowledged. Discuss the Malthusian theory of population with respect to Caribbean demographic changes. A large working class ensure a reserve army of labour.

Caribbean studies module 2

Analysis of the Concepts of Development2.


Grasp of the interrelationships among the different approaches to development human, economic, sustainable 3. Grasp of the different indicators of development4. Grasp of the different factors that promote and hinder development5.

Evaluation of how development has been influenced by political, social, cultural, environmental and technological factors 4. Concepts of Development Development has been understood to have 3 differentinterpretations: Development as an enactment of human values: Thisconcept essentially says for anything to develop, improvementmust be based on some values which are being implemented.

For example one may argue that for an economy to developthere must be an implementation of values which raise thestandard of living 2. Development as increasing differentiation or complexity: This concept essentially means that for anything to develop itmust become more complex and differentiated where thecomponent parts will interrelate with deeper linkages.

Development as liberation or human freedom: This statesthat for people to be developed there must be anaccompanied growth in autonomy, the options they canpursue and the self-efficacy the significance of their actions.

For example people see education and its ability to empowerpeople to rise in their societies 5. Approaches to development There are three main approaches todevelopment: Economic Development The specific goal of development in thedecolonization era was economic developmentthrough economic growth This referred to an increase in the value of goodsand services produced by a country within aspecific time period It was expected that the problems of poverty andbackwardness would be solved once Caribbeancountries experienced improvements ineconomic growth 7.

Economic Growth Indicatorss There were various indicators measure this development howeverthey only measured accurately economic growth. Value of goods and services from acountry plus any foreign revenue. The total market value of the goodsand services of a country in a given year.

The theory is if there are more working aged people to take care ofdependents the government would spend less taking care of them.

Economic Development Contd The traditional emphasis was to implement measureswhich solely increased production while limitingpopulation growth This formed the basis of economic policies in theCaribbean from the 60s to the 80s and theseethnocentric approaches modelled in a uniform waynot addressing the problems faced by citizens.

While production did increase to some extent thecitizen has by large part not benefitted from thisgrowth. Economic development has evolved since then to focusnot only on economic growth on welfare of the peopleand poverty reduction 9. Economic Development Indicators The economic and non economic indicators ofdevelopment are collectively used to assess the level ofdevelopment among countries.

Some Economic Indicators of Development include: Assesses the impacts of inflation, shortages and dislocation of theeconomy Human Development The Human Development Paradigm HDP in the 90sbrought together ideas from economic development andsustainable development to find a more holistic way ofdescribing development but putting humans at the centre.

The HDP has three basic views 1. That people are the end means of development: That development is largely about broadening peopleschoices so theyll have more opportunities to improvethemselves in ways thatll make them happy and bring income 3. That poverty and income inequality are the major problems inhuman societies which prevent good quality of life Human Development Therefore human development as envisaged bythe HDP includes improving the quality of life ofpeople through the four areas of: In onecountry it may be through education, anothermay be through opening crown lands Sustainable Development A concept of advancing a peoples quality oflife, through both economic growth anddevelopment and human without compromisingfuture generations and their capacity to meettheir own needs.

In this type of development if humandevelopment needs are compromised imporventswill be unsustainable So yeah all types of development are connectedhere Sustainable Development If equity is compromised so will the environment be.Carib Studies Module 2.

Notes Ah bad man we name – A.L.L. CONCEPTUALIZING DEVELOPMENT Expected Learning Outcomes 1. Analysis of the Concepts of Development/5(2).

Caribbean Studies Module 2. CARIBBEAN STUDIES QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERS: CAPE MODULE ONE: CARIBBEAN SOCIETY AND CULTURE 1. Identify the geographical sub-region to which St Lucia, Grenada and Antigua belong. (1 mark) - The Lesser Antilles the chain of islands in the Caribbean which is located entirely in the Atlantic Ocean.

(1 mark) * The Bahamas * 3. questions on Module I, four questions on Mcdule 2 and four questions on Module 3.

Caribbean studies module 2

Syllabus Coverage This paper tests Candidates' knowledge the breadth of the syllabus. Question Type Short-answer questions will be presented using words or or a combination of words and. Cape Caribbean Studies Report. Paper 02 – Essay Questions This paper consisted of four (4) sections — A, B, C and D.

* Section A focused on Module 1, Caribbean Society and Culture, and contained two questions. Candidates were required to choose one question from this Section.

* Section B, which focused on Module 2, Issues in Caribbean development, had two questions. candidates who have satisfactorily completed at least six Units, including Caribbean Studies.

The third is the CAPE Associate Degree, awarded for the satisfactory completion of a prescribed cluster of seven. Caribbean Studies Module 2 1. Kim RoseCARIBBEAN STUDIESModule Two: Issues in Caribbean DevelopmentCAPE Outline FOUR indicators of development and describe their relevance as indicators ofdevelopment(20 marks)2.

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