Business writing workshop singapore mrt

With strong corporate direction and precise positioning in the market, the company continues to expand as the years go by. Now, it has more than 9 physical premises that cater to a diversified market that include Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. This dedicated service and maintenance division specializes in providing efficient services in monthly maintenance and installation of equipment, sales supports services, equipment testing and maintenance and of course, after-sales service.

Business writing workshop singapore mrt

Fees are payable upon confirmation and acceptance of the place in the course before the course commencement. For cheque payment, please indicate the details of the programme applied for and your personal particulars on the back of the cheque. The above percentage is to be applied to the standard first instalment amount payable for the particular course.

If the actual payment exceeds the first instalment amount, the excess amount shall be fully refunded.

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If the first instalment payment is less than the standard first instalment due, the above formula is applicable based on the standard first instalment course fees and shortage shall be collected from the student.

Excess amount paid over the first instalment, if any, shall be refunded in full. Application fees are strictly non-refundable. A cooling-off period of seven 7 working days is applicable for a maximum refund from the date when the contract is signed.

The above refund policy is also applicable to company-sponsored students. MDIS College Pte Ltd will access and reply to any request for withdrawal within a time frame of not more than four 4 weeks.

All refunds shall be made within seven 7 working days following the approval to the Student's request for withdrawal. MDIS College Pte Ltd shall, within seven 7 working days of notifying the Student in writing of above circumstances 1 to 6provide the student with information and details of the alternative confirmed course or subject arrangement to allow the Student to make timely and appropriate decision on the alternative arrangement.

Withdrawal Policy Request for programme withdrawal must be made in writing. Withdrawal through any other means, including email and telephone, will not be entertained. Students with genuine financial difficulties who wish to withdraw from the course should submit a written application letter to MDIS College Pte Ltd for consideration.

All requests must be supported with documentary evidence. All non-tuition fees where applicable, is payable upon withdrawal.

If no address is stated, the letter will be sent to the address stated in the enrolment form. MDIS College Pte Ltd will assess and reply to any request for withdrawal within a time frame of not more than four 4 weeks.

For students who wish to transfer to a different course, a withdrawal shall be processed according to the signed contract.

business writing workshop singapore mrt

There shall be no refund if withdrawal request is received from students more than fourteen 14 days after the course commencement date. MDIS College Pte Ltd will assess and reply to any request for transfer within a time frame of not more than four 4 weeks.

Deferment through any other means including email and telephone, will not be entertained. All request must be supported with documentary evidence. The refund policy will be applicable. International student who are approved for deferment will be required to cancel their student pass as reuiqred by ICA.

The Institute reserves the right to discipline or expel any student who breaks the Institute's rules, or who, in the opinion of the Management, is guilty of misconduct prejudicial to the interests of the Institute, and its students.The workshop will start off with an introduction to what constitutes effective business writing and then to an overview of the key factors to consider before writing.

After that, participants will have hands-on activities as they are introduced to the 4Cs of writing. Education is essential for every child, and the government emphasises on formal education for every child in Singapore.

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Training Singapore expertise in basic to advanced Microsoft Office Excel Training Courses. Enhance your skills in Excel and Claim $ from SkillsFuture. Effective Writing for Business Course Description: A great part of communication today is done through emails, and writing has become an essential skill for everyone in the modern workplace.

Business Acumen Course in Singapore.

business writing workshop singapore mrt

Business Acumen is the art of understanding how a business works and adapting to any unforeseen changes that would benefit or .

This Writing Effective Emails workshop is ideal for anyone who would like to gain a strong grasp and improve their Writing Effective Emails.

Nearest Mrt Station: Singapore Expo MRT Station, Upper Super, superior, strong, solid, active Writing Effective Emails training courses and workshops in Singapore. Writing Effective Emails.

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