Best ipad screenwriting app 2013

Along with traditional screenwriting software, the screenwriting app has emerged as a great tool for writers on-the-go. The app is available on the Play store and downloaded by thousands of screenwriters from around the world for adding convenience to their work. Create unlimited scripts, change formats of script text, adjust fonts and use multiple keyboard shortcuts to work without any interruptions. This script writing app also provides a feature which enables reading scripts out loud whenever you want to take a look at already written material.

Best ipad screenwriting app 2013

One big feature that's missing is the ability to navigate by page numbers in edit mode. Page numbering is only available in a preview mode, while editing mode essentially presents an unbroken continuously scrolling script. As the app makers must know, screenplay structure relies heavily on act breaks and midpoints falling around familiar page lengths, in both TV and film.

But when I need to return to that scene on page 48, scrolling is tedious, and it's hard to use the scene navigator -- spec scripts aren't numbered, so trying to remember the scene number is like asking someone to find a penny that was thrown in the ocean an hour ago.

So a page navigator would be great.

best ipad screenwriting app 2013

Input the page number, and jump to that scene in the editor. Or from preview mode, double tap a slugline to jump to it in the editor. Can't wait until these features are added and then I can give this app 5 stars instead of 4!

I posted this review 5 years ago and unfortunately the features I requested above have not been added, so I'm downgrading my rating to 2 stars for lack of developer responsiveness. Regardless, I have another feature request: I'm not sure why some fools on here are saying you can't import txt files or use Dropbox.

I imported a script that was in txt format into this app from Dropbox. That functionality is even explained in the quick tutorial when you first open the app. Also takes fdx files. The script doesn't look very well formatted when you are writing in the app but if you use the "preview" feature it presents your script in a very cool, flip style presentation with the script formatted just as you will see when you print it- which you can also do from the app.

Backup your work and use the cloud and you won't lose your work. This app works great. I love this app! Clean, uncluttered, beautiful UI. Has import from history option — just in case in delirium I mess up what was a great script and want to go back in time and get earlier script version.

Well done Scripts Pro!6 Best Screenwriting Software Options. By. John McCabe - July 13, although you can now purchase Final Draft Writer to work on iPhone or iPad (not Android). Its regular price is $ As with all FD products, this goes on sale, too!


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There are full-on screenwriting tools for iPad, such as Final Draft, but Untitled is more like a smart notepad – an app for a first draft until you feel ready for, um, Final Draft. The makers of Final Draft – the #1-selling screenwriting software in the world – now bring you the Final Draft Writer™ app for iPad and iPhone.

Final Draft Writer lets you write, edit and read Final Draft scripts on your iPad or iPhone. One of the first screenwriting apps, this is your go-to app for serious script writing. Use it to write anywhere, anytime and on the go.

best ipad screenwriting app 2013

It has this brown leather interface that makes you feel like you're writing at your desk at home, or in an old Hollywood studio. What is the best writing app for iPad? Update Cancel. ad by Copper CRM, Inc. We know, most CRMs suck. That's why we made Copper. What is the best iPad app for writing a novel?

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