Bas academic misconduct

Academic Integrity Defined Academic Integrity means honesty and responsibility in scholarship.

Bas academic misconduct

Academic Integrity Case Studies Read each of the following scenarios. Extra Credit David is a senior and only has three more classes this semester before he graduates.

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He feels the pressure to uphold his 3. In one of his classes, an extra credit assignment is to read through a set of given texts from certain articles and books that have been given by the instructor throughout the semester, and then to compile personal thoughts based on the principles covered.

To David, it seemed Bas academic misconduct basically doing something he already had done in the class—read the same information again. He figured the instructor just wanted to make sure the students really did read the articles, so David wrote his paper using direct quotes and verbatim phrases from the reading without correct citation.

Is what David did wrong? Why or why not? This is an example of sloppy work that qualifies as plagiarism and could have serious consequences for David, including the possibility of a lower grade.

If David is going to take time to do the assignment, he needs to do his best work. As an instructor, I believe I would make him resubmit the assignment before giving extra credit. Second, it is good practice to track citations during the research and paper writing process; famous historians have had their careers ruined with plagiarism scandals because "they forgot to put in quotes.

I know of one case where a student did not use proper citations, but had the correct entry in the bibliography. It is not necessarily conscious plagiarism, but it is bad paper writing form and should be addressed. My take on this is that David is wrong because he has had the opportunity to learn to do things the right way during his college career, and when he chooses not to use the skills he has built he is taking a step backwards not to mention that what he is doing by using quotes without citing properly is illegal.

Going to college is not supposed to be about the grades as much as it is about the education itself. Having a good education only counts if you use it, and the more you use it the greater the rewards.

If you just do the work to get by, then when you get out in the workforce and have greater responsibilities, life will be much harder for you because you have not learned the proper skills.

Instead, you spent more time getting out of using them than actually accomplishing good work that will bring you rewards and greater responsibility. Copying Janie has just moved to the Twin Cities from a non-English speaking country. It is hard to fit in, understand the language, and make friends.

She misses her family and it is sometimes difficult for her to concentrate on all her classes.

Bas academic misconduct

She is taking a biology class this semester, which turns out to be much harder than she thought it would be.Cornell says Wansink’s academic misconduct also included “problematic statistical techniques, failure to properly document and preserve research results, and inappropriate authorship.” Thursday’s announcement comes a day after six more of Wansink’s papers were  · The Anchor Team Academic Advising Anchor Advisors are located in Faculty Center These advisors work with students in the following programs: PSA, Bachelor of Applied Sciences (BAS), Island Harbor, Viking-Islander Program (VIP), and Islander Academy (dual-credit) The nation's pioneer land-grant university, Michigan State University is one of the top research universities in the world.

Home to nationally ranked and recognized academic, residential college, and service-learning programs, MSU is a diverse community of dedicated students and scholars, athletes and artists, scientists and The University of Houston has an outstanding reputation for student success, teaching, research and innovation.

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Third Notice of Allegations puts football and men's basketball back in crosshairs Contact Us Mission It is the mission of the University of Oklahoma to create an academic culture that fosters student integrity both in and out of the classroom. Resources found throughout this website can help you to understand this mission, as well as guide you through the academic integrity system.
Academic Integrity and Misconduct | Office of Academic Affairs, The Ohio State University The New Science of Leading Change and corresponding training course, has come under intense scrutiny this year. We want to share our perspective on the different critiques Brian has received.

· The analysis concludes that it is appropriate at times for there to be a difference between the identified severity of an academic misconduct incident and the final outcome Corbin and Carter recommended on findings of academic misconduct and the admission requirements of legal profession.

This paper considers whether the court should take a zero-tolerance approach to plagiarism and academic

Bas academic misconduct
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