A report on the performance of our group

This was due to operational improvements as well as reduced activity and divestments. Details about our environmental performance are provided below and under the greenhouse gas emissionsmanaging methane emissions and flaring sections. Managing water use The availability of fresh water is a growing challenge in some regions of the world.

A report on the performance of our group

Revenue for the full year increased by 6.

Environmental data:

Revenue for the full year increased 5. Operating profit profit before financial items and tax for was DKK Net profit for the full year was DKK 9. Cash flow from operating activities for the year was DKK 9.

Tax on profit for the year amounts to DKK 3. We had a strong first half of the year, while consumer sales growth in the second half was at more sustainable levels than previous years.

We were encouraged by our performance in mature markets in Europe and continue to see strong potential in China, which represents an attractive growth opportunity. In the US, consumer sales were flat year-on-year despite a significant increase in marketing spend in the second half of the year.

We will continue to work closely with our retail partners to identify new opportunities to innovate, drive growth and engage children in this important market. We are constantly challenging ourselves to engage and inspire children with the most relevant, exciting and fun play experiences.

Environmental performance monitoring and reporting

This year we have strengthened our efforts around digital engagement, and found new ways to connect with children online and through a range of digital platforms," said Padda. Inthe company will introduce new platforms to inspire blended digital and physical play. LEGO Life, a safe digital platform to encourage children to share their building experiences was released in selected markets in February.

Investing in sustainable global growth InThe LEGO Group continued to expand capacity and capability to support its global growth ambitions. Inwe invested significantly in the talent and infrastructure to enable this sustainable, long-term growth.

Duringthe company made significant investments in programmes that address climate change and improve the sustainability of its operations. The LEGO Group made a significant step to achieve its goal of balancing percent of its global energy consumption with energy produced by its own renewable sources by In90 percent of energy was balanced, and the company is on track to achieve its goal three years ahead of schedule.

However, for the full year ofthe Group did not meet its annual target on energy efficiency improvement. The LEGO Group continued to make progress against its ambition to use only sustainable materials in its products by The Group began the design of its Sustainable Materials Centre dedicated to the project and in developed prototypes of next generation bricks made from sustainable sources.

In addition, 93 percent of all waste and percent of all waste from brick production was recycled. The Group also took steps to protect the rights of children around the world and support those in need.Availability of the report on corporate governance (PDF Ko).

Our strategy

Availability of the report on corporate governance, internal control and risk management (PDF 49Ko). The Group’s business activities, performance, position and principal risks and uncertainties and how these are managed or mitigated are set out in the Strategic Report on pages 1 to We aim to be transparent to our customers and stakeholders alike.

Our annual report and group accounts provide a detailed analysis of our performance over the year, together with a summary of our achievements over the range of activities we undertake. Another component in our group performance model is the group process.

A report on the performance of our group

A process can be simply defined as a systematic method of handling activities. Some of these processes that effect group performance include – the communication patterns, leader behaviour, group decision making, inter group behaviour, group cohesiveness etc.

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Environmental performance - Shell Sustainability Report