4 what are the major operational differences between burger king and mcdonald s

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4 what are the major operational differences between burger king and mcdonald s

Both have battled out all these years over their operational differences which form the core of their corporate culture.

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Exhibit 3 provides a detailed comparative analysis of the PFDs of these two fast food chains. Whoppers and Burgers both are of different sizes and hence the mating before assembly process. This cost of complexity is a huge cost driver for BK. In BK, dressing is done by humans using plastic squeezed bottles without pre-measured quantity.

Exhibit 4 provides a comparative analysis of the operating results of both chains. Paper is also wasted wrapped sandwiches due to the food wastage. Also, whereas McDonald maintains a paper inventory at the basement, BK stores its paperware in shelves in the production area.

The operational difference also reflects on the corporate culture. Batch Process requires that workers maintain a sense of teamwork, especially during busy periods. Speed becomes a key element and it requires the workers to be motivated and willing to help.

A major similarity between the two corporations is their effort to deskill the process minimize human intervention.

4 what are the major operational differences between burger king and mcdonald s

The other processes — hiring, counter, drive-through, and fry products fries, etc are also mostly similar barring few exceptions.

In BK, the counter specialist takes the payment and then starts assembling the order. The information flow is also different. BK counter specialists use microphones to relay the order in the production area a potential error producing process during busy periods and register slips to assemble orders.

At BK, a level indicator at the top of chutes operated by the manager relays the demand requirement to the production area. In the production area, BK workers use microwave time of 12 s to work on other sandwiches. It is only during off-peak periods when BK comes close in dollar volume and is more efficient because of less waste, paper, and salary expense.

Hence, it is safe to say that most of the operational differences at the heart of the two chains stem from their methods of production.Burger King has approx % of the market share, while McDonald's has more than double that, a whopping 44% market share of the fast food industry.

Comparatively, McDonald's has been expanding rapidly into the international market, in fact McDonald's has expanded in many third world countries, which include India, China, etc. Mcdonald's V/S Burger King Analysis Essay example Words | 12 Pages.

Case Paper McDonald’s/Burger King Analysis Sunny Kumar Overview McDonald’s and Burger King have competed as the top two fast food chains in the nation since the middle of the twentieth century. Suppose the cross-price elasticity between demand for Burger King burgers and the price of McDonald's burgers is If McDonald's increases the price of its burgers by 10%, then: Burger King will sell 8% more burgers.

McDonald’s & Burger King. 1. Why has McDonald’s sustained its prosperity for so long? 2.

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What are key threats to McD & BK future success? 3. What are the major operational differences between Burger King and McDonald’s? 4. How do these differences relate to . I could definitely tell the difference between McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, White Castle and Five Guys burgers.

It wouldn't be that hard, and I haven't gone to a fast food restaurant in probably a year. Burger King Situation Internal and External Factors: Two top burger chains and the fastest growing fast-food industries are McDonald’s and Burger King. In the ’s, McDonald’s sales has increased 26% and Burger King’s by 11%.

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